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The Build


There are five main phases to the build, including:


a) The Main Structure

The first stage is to clear all roof trusses and secure roof structure.



This stage will/ may include inserting steel beams to the roof space to support the new floor joists and walls.



This stage may/ will also include the erection of scaffolding.




The supporting of the roof, the insertion of velux windows, positioning of dormer (if applicable), first fix of electrics and plumbing and trimming of stairwell for your bespoke staircase.

b) Insulation

With the rising cost of heating and the recent changes to building regulations, it is now essential to insulate you new loft as thoroughly as possible. CJS Lofts ltd us the latest technology and materials to minimise heat loss during the winter months.





This quality insulation, supplied by CJS Lofts ltd, also has the beneficial effect on the remaining property as more heat will remain inside your home.


c) Staircase

As every home being different, the CJS Lofts ltd staircase is individually hand crafted by a specialist carpenter and is completely bespoke to your loft conversion and home. The stairs are then fitted to comply with all building regulations.




d) Plastering

The shell is then plaster boarded and plastered to a high quality finish, by our CJS Lofts ltd plastering team.


e) Final Finish

The final finish involves skirting boards, electrical wiring, plumbing, doors, etc - basically making all the finishes touches to your new home.

The final stage is the After Sales Service.