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FAQ's on Loft Conversion
Most people have some questions they would like answered before they call a company to come and give them a quote. Below we have answered some of the more frequently asked questions, to try and help you along the way.
If you have a more specific question, please do not hesitiate to contact CJS Lofts ltd and we will be glad to help.

1) How much will it cost?

As no two lofts are the same, the cost of a quality loft conversion can vary significantly (typically ranging from £15K to £50K). This is why we offer a free no obligation quotation - minus the hard sell.

2) Do you have any conversions l can go and see?

Yes of course. As CJS Lofts ltd works mainly in the Gloucestershire area we have many very satisfied customers who have said they would be more than happy to show prospective customers their new lofts - and you won't have far to travel!

3) Can my property be converted?

Most people who look up into their loft see the W shaped roof supports and assume it can't be used as a room. But at CJS Lofts ltd, we can remove these and construct a steel or timber frame which provides all the support your roof needs.

Also height is a very important factor. Even if you think the headheight is too short, you should get it checked as CJS Lofts ltd can make the most of even small spaces with creative use of dormer windows and staircase positioning, even raising your roof!

4) Are you insured for any damage to the rest of the house you may cause?

Yes, CJS Lofts ltd is fully insured.

5) Do l need planning permission?

Not all loft conversions require planning permission, but if it is required for your home, CJS Lofts ltd will indicate this to you at the initial meeting. If you then decide to continue to use CJS Lofts ltd for your loft conversion, we will liaise with the Local Planning Authority on your behalf - the cost for Planning Permission will be noted within your quotation.

6) How long will it take?

As all loft conversions are different, the timescales can vary, but as an indication the average time on site is 5 to 7 weeks.

7) Will it add value?

Yes it does. Quality loft conversions can add significant value to your property - ask any past customer or watch any home improvement show on TV.

Channel4's Home Show, recently commented that a good loft conversion can add between 15% & 20% to your homes value, regardless of how much value you will get from using it.

8) Is it guaranteed?

Yes, all our work comes with a 10 year guarantee.

9) How do people pay for this work?

Customers use all types of finance to pay for their loft to be converted, e.g. loans, savings, mortgage advances, etc.

Whilst CJS Lofts ltd do not offer any type of Finance Payment Arrangements, some of their customers have sought advice from Gary Lewis, a Financial Advisor at ACG Mortgage & Protection on 01453 521632.

10) Do you clean up at night?

Yes, CJS Lofts ltd always clean up whatever dust etc, they have created in your home at the end of each day.